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Thanks …

… for coming, for thanking us, for your gripes, your smiles, your comments, and for your criticism whether negative or positive.

We’ve straightened out and repaired all the fences, returned the 800 kg of ballast used to hold the tents down in the wind, tidied away the toys from the childminding area, emptied out the thousands of litres of water left in the tanker, etc., and we’ve finally returned this magnificent terrain to its usual occupants.


The day 3 video is on line along with the photos from all days. There will be a video of the whole event available within a fortnight or so. Keep visiting the web site for updates.

The 140 volunteers that made this week of orienteering a success are worn out but happy, and almost all of them are willing to do it again. This event has helped us all come together to work for a common goal. A big thank you to the volunteers and to the controllers, referees and event advisors for their enthusiasm and commitment.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the landowners and regular land users, some of whom lent us equipment and spent hours opening fences, removing rocks, smoothing out parking areas and preparing the terrain. A HUGE thank you to the PONS, FABRE, GASC, PRIVAT and VALETTE families at Le Figayrol, and to the ROUQUETTE, FABREGUETTE, RAZOUS, PUEL, ROMIGUIER, PRIVAT and BERNAT families at Le Guilhaumard.

Would you like to come back to train on these areas, individually or as a group ? If so you must first contact the CDCO12 so that they can deal with obtaining permission. This is essential if we are to maintain the trust we have established with the local farmers and be able to organise future events on these maps (two of the maps from our previous six day event in 2008 are lost to us because of unauthorised training). Thanks for your understanding.

Welcome to O’France 2016 – Aveyron – LARZAC

Following the Aveyron 5 days in 2005, the JEC in 2007 and the Aveyron 6 days in 2008, the Midi-Pyrénées regional orienteering association and the CDCO12 are pleased to welcome you to another multiday event on the Plateau du Larzac.

Once again the event will be held on magnificent orienteering areas in the “Grands Causses” regional park, for 6 unforgettable orienteering races: a prologue at Nant followed by the 5 stages around the hamlet of Le Figayrol and on the Plateau du Guilhaumard.

If you liked our previous events on the Larzac, you’ll love O’France 2016.

Thierry Gueorgiou, official ambassador for O’France 2016

Thierry Gueorgiou, official ambassador for O’France 2016The Larzac´s terrains… Well, I am not sure from where I should start? Maybe, just by saying that, for me, it is the best playground an orienteer can dream of. Most of the time, the nature do things impressively well, but at this particular place, it is even more spectacular, with a natural labyrinth.

I have always orienteered on this terrains with a large smile crossing my face, and my wish has always been that the course never ends. Without a single doubt, this maze of cliffs, rocks, or bushes has largely contributed to my progress all along my career. Every technical progress was challenged again by a new map, even more fiendish.

Knowing the savoir-faire of the organizers, I am sure that this edition will be another tremendous success. Do not miss the chance to be part of this adventure, it will leave you with beautiful lifelong memories.

Thierry Gueorgiou – 13-time World champion




18 July 2016

You can find photos of every day in page Media/photos

Chasing starts

15 July 2016

Chasing starts are available. Runners not concerned by the chasing start will keep their initially allocated start time.

Results Day 1 and Day 2

12 July 2016

After storms on the Larzac and “full speed” internet, results Day 1 et Day 2 are online. Courses are in Matrace (link page Results)

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