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Embargoed areas


Nant : the competition area is out of bounds for competitors before the event. Please respect the spirit of fair-play
The Plateau du Guilhaumard and the area around Le Figayrol are out of bounds.

Zones interdites O'France 2016

No unauthorised training please!

If you wish to train on existing maps in the area, you must ask the CDCO12 for permission so that they can contact landowners. Local landowners have already seen groups training on their land without permission.

Our organisation depends on everyone respecting these rules.

Classes - Course - Estimated winning time - Course length

Approximate winning times and course lengths are given here

Leisure and waymarked courses

4 open leisure courses are available

  • Kid’s waymarked “jalonné” course : details here
  • Short open – technical difficulty : easy – 3 km
  • Medium open – technical difficulty : medium – 5 km
  • Long open – technical difficulty : medium – 8 km

Entries for these courses are available on the day or you can preenter via Orienteering Online


  • Participants on the open and waymarked “jalonné” courses may be accompanied by competitors that have already completed their course.